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ATM Safe Siesmic Door Detector (ATM 7 - JS201)
Locking Box 200mm
Slimline Explosion Vibraton Detector - without Test function (JS174)
Slimline Seismic Explosion Vibration Detector - with Built in test function (JS173)
12mm (14mm External) FSU Galvanised Steel Conduit 25M - PVC Coated - OD 14mm
12mm Spacer for ATM 6 (JS200)
12v / 24v Single Door Access Controller Unit Cryptocode V2
12v DC Double Pole Relay Module
16mm - ATM Retro Fit Armoured cabling - 2 Meter
1m x 12mm PVC Steel Flexible Conduit
24mm Hasp Spacer for use with ATM 7 Detector
24v 1AMP Power Supply Unit (JS248)
44mm Hasp Spacer for Capella ATM 7 (JS201)
5 AMP Rack Mounted Power Supply Unit
Aritech DC108 Door / overhead door contact, floor mounting
ATM 6 KIT (JS208)
ATM 7 KIT for NCR6634
ATM 7 Side Fit Hasp Bracket
ATM Door Detector for ATM's with Lay-Over door (JS200)
ATM Door Detector for wrap around door (ATM 8 JS246)
ATM Engineers Capella Sensor Drilling Templates
ATM Over-Ride Interlock
BA104-2 ATM 8 Bracket
BA106-1 JS168/JS222 Finger Plate MOD
BA106-2 JS168/JS222 Finger Plate MOD
BA106-3 JS168/JS222 Finger Plate MOD
BT BOX Locking Cover
CT11L - LED Series Car Top Control Station
DC101 Magnetic Contact
ERS / EVD Slide Protection Unit for ATM's Safes and Vaults (JS168)
ERS/EVD Safe/Vault protector Sprung Slide Unit (JS222)
Example Sheet Metalwork
Failsafe Bypass Unit
HASP for ATM 7
Hi Intensity LED Indicator Unit
JS190 Slimline EVD V4 without test C/W Push (Special)
JS209 ATM 7 Complete Kit
JS224 ATM KIT for NCR P86
JS232 E.P.E.G. Sensor
JS233 E.P.E.G Standalone Analyser
JS235 NCR Terminal Box
JS238 ATM 6100 Installation Kit
JS239 ATM KIT for NCR 5877 Front Loading Machine
JS240 ATM Kit for NCR 5887 Rear Loading Machine
JS243 ATM7 Kit Special for Coventry Bank
Key Over-Ride Switch
LED Car Top Mains Unit - Standard
LED Car Top Mains Unit - Wide
P-Clip - 16mm
Remote Head Detection Zone Extender (JS195)
Replacement ATM 8 Lid
Replacment ATM 7 HASP and Magnet Contact
RTI Controller (Raid - Test - Inhibit)
Safe Protection Kit
Safe Time Delay Controller
Seismic Explosion Vibration Detector - with built in test function (JS163)
Seismic Explosion Vibration Detector -non test version (JS164)
Smoke Light Noise (SLN) Detector (JS161)
Standard Key Slide Protection Unit
Tilt Switch in Junction Box