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JS233 E.P.E.G Standalone Analyser

JS233 E.P.E.G Standalone Analyser

Model: JS233
Electronic .Protection External.Grill - Standalone Analyser 9 volt Battery (supplied) or 12v DC Powered Electronic Window Grill Analyser. For Trade and Bulk order pricing, Please use the add to wishlist option and our sales team will contact you

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Businesses  and  increasing  numbers  of  homeowners  install external  steel  window  grilles  in  order  to  discourage break-ins however; determined criminals continue to employ a number of creative methods of attack in order to gain entry.

EPEG  was  developed  to  address  one  particular  form  of  attack when  a  major international Bank  reported  high  level security incursions at a number of High Street branches. At night, or in the early hours of the morning, criminals target a window that is out of sight and spend many hours cutting through the bars with a hacksaw – sometimes over a period of several days so not  to arouse suspicion. 

The bars are then put back in place and disguised in a  manner to  hide any trace  hat  they  have been tampered with.

During normal business hours the  criminals remove the  bars, climb through the window and conduct a raid in the knowledge that cash will  be easily accessible.  Resorting  to  intimidation and violence, offenders  are  able  to  execute  a  rapid  assault  and  vacate the premises before police are able attend.

Most Banks before the branch is opened  to customers, have an  ‘opening-up’ procedure that is carried out which includes a visual examination of grilles.

In many cases however,  these  may  be  impossible to inspect thoroughly  due  to  inaccessibility.

This  model  of  EPEG reports  grille integrity as  a  standalone  visual early-warning  system  for  staff.

Although designed to detect a specific type of attack, EPEG will also recognise tampering or attempts to forcibly remove the grille in any manner.

Each  kit  can  protect  most  metal  grilles  up  to  1.2  by  1.2 metre in size – regardless of material gauge

The EPEG  kit has  two  principle  components:  an internally  fitted Analyser and  an  external  weatherproof  sensor  (our  Item  Code JS232)  fitted  to  the  grille. Flexible  conduit  (3  metres)  and  all associated fittings are supplied as standard.

EPEG may be powered from any 12 volt DC supply or from the supplied 9 volt battery.

The analyser will  report  a  low  battery  condition  which  may  be  replaced  during  routine  maintenance.

Three open collector type outputs for Alarm, Tamper & Battery Low status are also provided. Installation is simple and no set-up or adjustment is required.


Power requirement: 12 Volts DC or PP3 9 Volt Lithium Battery
Operating Voltage Range: 10.5 – 15.0 Volts DC (applied to the DC terminals)
Battery life: Approx. 12 months (governed by the number of alarm activations)
Peak Quiescent Current: 120 uA
Maximum Current consumption: 45 mA
Outputs: Alarm, Tamper & Low Battery - Open-collector type; normally closed;
Maximum current sink = 50 mA per circuit;
Maximum sink voltage = 15 Volts DC.
Cable entries: 2 off 20mm sleeved grommets
Construction: Black ABS plastic
Dimensions (mm): 153 (H) x 76 (W) x 52 (D)


Power requirement: Derived from Analyser
Cable entry: 1 off 16mm sleeved grommet
Construction: Black ABS plastic sealed to IP65
Dimensions (mm): 61 (L) x 18 (D) x 32 (W)
Installation Note: The sensor must be fitted one-way up only and in a horizontal position

3 Years

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