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Home ATM Door Detector for ATM's with Lay-Over door (JS200)

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ATM Door Detector for ATM's with Lay-Over door (JS200)

ATM Door Detector for ATM's with Lay-Over door (JS200)

Model: JS200

The ATM 6 (JS200) offers sophisticated attack detection and controlled access to the protected unit by an authorised user. Figs 1 and 2 of the diagram below illustrate an ATM6 fitted to a safe with a right-hand hinged door.

The diagram above shows the ATM6 and its companion magnet, the latter is fitted to the leading edge of the ATM door. When the ATM door is closed the magnet is concealed under the lid of the ATM6 and door status can be monitored. To allow access to the ATM safe, a low-voltage DC supply is applied to the ATM6 – indicated by a green LED. The authorised user presses the release switch and the lid of the ATM6 can be opened (limited travel) thereby freeing the magnet and allowing the ATM door to be opened.

pdfJS200 ATM6 DataSheet(865.35 KB )Download

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Product Item Code: JS200
Product Title: ATM6
Application: Safe-mount vibration detector for ATMs and Safes


Developed for ATM (Automated Teller Machine) protection, this vibration detector may be used on a wide variety of cash dispensers and safes. The ATM6 comprises an advanced signal processing analyser (EVD – Explosion Vibration Detector) and electro-mechanical release mechanism housed within a robust steel enclosure designed for use on cash handling units with a LAY-OVER safe door.

In addition to dual anti-tamper protection (single output), the ATM6 offers a number of additional outputs: -

VIBRATION. Attack by way of drilling, grinding, hammering or thermal cutting device (when operated in conjunction with a JS161, SLN) will trigger the VIB output.

IMPACT. Explosives, a series of consistent strikes or attempts at ram-raid will activate the IMP output instantly.

TILT. Any attempt to move the protected equipment will activate the TILT output. In addition, high-energy attacks such as ATM ram-raid will also trigger this output.

DOOR. A voltage-free contact that reports the state of the safe door.

SLIDE. A voltage-free contact indicating if the ATM6 cover is opened/closed.

The principle function of the ATM6 is signal processing and analysis of the various on-board sensors then to take appropriate action in the event of a legitimate attack. In addition, this unit has a number of dedicated inputs that support remote sensors that enhance and extend the area of coverage. Typical of this are products JS161, SLN (Smoke Light Noise) unit and JS195 RHD (Remote Head).


Advanced signal-processing system.
Separate alarm outputs.
On-board LED indication for Signal Detect, Vibration Alarm and Impact Alarm.
Low level Impact and Explosion sense capability.
Nominal 3m2 detection zone.
Backward compatibility with previous ATM6 models.
Improved power consumption over earlier variants.
Extended coverage when used with remote head(s).
Sensitivity adjustment for non-standard installations.
Robust 1.2mm seam welded mild steel enclosure.
Enclosure anti-tamper.
Easy to install – no set-up required.


Analyser supply voltage: 12 Volts DC (nom)
Analyser operating voltage range: 10.5 – 15.0 Volts DC
Analyser quiescent Current: 28 mA @ 12 Volts DC
Maximum analyser current consumption : 42 mA @12 Volts DC
Solenoid supply voltage: 12 Volts DC (nom)
Solenoid operating voltage range: 10.5 – 15.0 Volts DC
Continuous solenoid current consumption: 500 mA (approx) @ 12 Volts DC
Maximum ATM6 current consumption: 542 mA (approx) @ 12 Volts DC. Please note. The power supply should be capable of handling a peak load of 1.2 A @ 12 V DC to accommodate the solenoid inrush current.
Maximum detection area: 3 m2
Operating temperature range: -10oC to +40oC
Outputs: Voltage-free contacts rated at 0.1 A @ 12 Volts DC for VIBRATION, IMPACT, TILT, DOOR, TAMPER, SLIDE
Construction: 1.2 mm seam welded mild steel
Main body dimensions (mm): 265.0 (L) x 102.0(1) (W) x 36.0(2) (D)
(1)Allow an extra 7.0 mm for hinge screw protrusion.
(2)Allow an extra 20.0 mm for the lid handle.
Hasp dimensions (mm): 78.0 (L) x 15.5 (W) x 15.5 (D)
Main body weight: 1.86 Kg
Hasp weight: 0.04 Kg
Cable entries: 2 off 16mm hinge side entry
Colour/Finish: Dark Grey / Powder coat
1 Year

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