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Home 12v / 24v Single Door Access Controller Unit Cryptocode V2

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12v / 24v Single Door Access Controller Unit Cryptocode V2

12v / 24v Single Door Access Controller Unit Cryptocode V2

Model: JS214

Stand Alone Door Access Controller and PSU

Used in Banks,Police Stations, Military Locations, ATM Kiosks, Data Centers, Airports, Hospitals, Warehouses, Remote sites, Fire doors, Factory Storage areas, Isolation rooms & areas where expensive high value goods or comercially sensitive information is stored.

pdfJS214 Cryptocode Datasheet(1.66 MB )Download
pdfJS214 Installation Sheet(1.65 MB )Download

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12v / 24v Stand Alone Door Access Controller and PSU - Works with any standard  Keypad or Card Reader and Electronic / Magnetic Locks


Simple to install

8 PINs/CODES - programmable 3 to 8 digits in length.

User programmable Duress function.

User Programmable Lock release time of 1 to 99 seconds.

Non-volatile memory- retains settings for up to 10 years.

Compatible with most 10 or 12 digit BCD keypads.

Card Reader interface (requires a reader with a normally closed voltage free contact).

A high security key switch allows the controller to work in one of four modes: - CODE only, CARD only, CARD & CODE and RESET (Program)

Fused 12 or 24V DC electric lock release output.

Remote DC power input facility.

Led and electronic sounder outputs for visual and audio verification.

Remote EXIT pushbutton facility.

Voltage free changeover contacts operate when the lock release is activated.

Voltage free changeover contacts operate during a Duress condition.

Durable wipe-clean heavy duty IP55 sealed PVC enclosure.

CE compliant.

The CRYPTOCODE access system has been designed specifically for single door control.
This low cost unit is simple to install - the only additional requirements being a standard BCD (Binary Code Decimal) keypad,
a suitable electric door release and mains supply connection.

Maintenance free, this product is suitable for standalone applications where the installation of a networked system would be
prohibitively expensive or impractical due to environmental considerations.

Typical applications include:- Use in Banks, Airport landside/airside points, ATM (Automated Teller Machine) remote sites,
Fire Exit doors (entry only),Data Centers and Comms Rooms, Factory storage areas or isolation of rooms where sensitive or expensive materials/goods are being stored.

Programming the eight PINs (Personal Identification Numbers) and the lock release time is easily executed by way of the keypad.
As an option, almost any standard card reader may be connected to CRYPTOCODE for additional security.

Supply Voltage: 230v AC 50Hz or remote 12/24 volt DC.
Quiescent current: 18mA
Operating current: 62mA (Lock operation only)
Maximum operating current: 135mA (Lock & Duress active)
Lock output: 1Amp at 12v DC or 0.5 Amps at 24v DC
Voltage free contact rating: 5 Amps (resistive) at 24v DC.
Duress contact rating: 3 Amps (resistive) at 24v DC.
Operating Temperature: -5c to 50c
Dimensions: 170(H) x 135(W) x 85(D) mm
Weight: 1.34 Kg
Colour: Light Grey
Note: Figures for current consumption are valid irrespective of the supply voltage
but exclude the electric lock release.
1 Year

Customer Reviews

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Good little unit Review by Mike
Been using these units for a number of years now over in Ireland and they are a great little unit. In my opinion probably one of the best standalone units out there
One thing to check is the load of the locks you are going to be using. They are 1 AMP max.
Other than that they just keep on going.
Would also like to add that the support from the guys at Capella is excellent. They replaced a lock for one of my customers who lost the keys, free of charge.
(Posted on 15/10/2014)

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