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Capella Electronics are specialists in the design, development and manufacture of High Security systems for Automated Teller Machines, Safes & Gaming Machines.

Capella have been manufacturing ATM (Automated Teller Machine) high security protection systems for most UK major Banks, Building Societies and other financial institutions since the company was formed in 1986. Core activity centers on the development, manufacture and provision of apparatus for installation by several domestic and international companies. Primarily, these products are theft deterrent and early warning attack devices for ATMs, night safes, free standing safes, vaults and bookrooms. Many of our systems are well established - being derivatives of proven multi-generation designs.

All products are engineered within a BS EN ISO 9001:2008 system (Registered Firm FM30322) - delivering effective products with consistent quality. Visit the BSI website for further information on Quality Assurance.

Since inception, a strategy of promoting reliable, cost-effective assemblies coupled with first-class end-user support has yielded stable, continued growth and domination of market share. Our expertise in developing specifications and placement of innovative products on the market is well known within the UK and it is these qualities that are now being promoted on an international scale. This site is one of several mediums that are being exploited to raise company profile to ensure our European partners and friends within the worldwide community are aware of our presence.

Management and engineering staff at Capella possess extensive knowledge of electronic engineering - particularly the high security sector. Product development is not limited to high security systems - we have developed many diverse products including...

  • Lift / Elevator service and maintenance control equipment
  • Power Supplies
  • Mains Appliance Anti-Theft system
  • Stand-alone Access control
  • Counter Queuing and Customer counting systems
  • Large scale console construction & enunciators

Every aspect of design, production and distribution of product is carried out at our central premises in London. Capella have the facilities and expertise to process an idea to full production and follow-up with full technical support.

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